May Studios is a video and animation company which focuses on creating creative video content that will captivate people for a long period of time.

May Studios was founded in 2021 by director and editor Klaas Ytsma.
Klaas is a filmmaker from the Netherlands and has been making videos for more than four years now.
He started making videos on YouTube in 2016, on which he frequently uploaded a drum covers. 
When he started the Media Designer course at Alfa College in Groningen, he was sure he wanted to learn more about making video content. In his education he has learnt a lot, and he has made great progress. 
Not only in the field of video, but also graphically has Klaas proved to be a great artist. 
The name May stands for Media Artist Ytsma: 
Media signifying the media company; 
Artist since everyone who makes something unique is an artist,
and Ytsma referring to Klaas’s last name. 
If you have any questions or when you are curious to know what May Studios can do for you, feel free to contact us.