May Studios is a dynamic video production company focused on creating captivating films that leave a lasting impact.
Founded in 2021 by director and editor, Klaas Ytsma, May Studios embodies a passion for cinematic storytelling. Based in the Netherlands, Klaas began his journey on YouTube in 2016, sharing drum covers with the world. As he pursued his Media Designer course at Alfa College in Groningen, Klaas expanded his skills and artistic vision, excelling not only in video production but also in graphic design.
The name "May" stands for Media Artist Ytsma, emphasising our commitment to being both a media company and a hub for artistic expression. "Media" signifies the core of our company, embracing various forms of creative expression. "Artist" reflects our belief that every creation is a work of art, unique and transformative. And "Ytsma" referring to Klaas’s last name.​​​​​​​
At May Studios, we invite you to explore the possibilities of collaborative storytelling. If you're curious about what May Studios can do for you, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to bring your creative vision to life!