11STH33 - Can I Disappear Forever?

Can I Disappear Forever is part of the No One Asked project, the debut album by 11STH33, an up-and-coming artist from Groningen, The Netherlands.

This video tells the story of a young woman who rents a small cottage at a campground. She has just enough money to pay the rent and make ends meet. She is stuck in a kind of vicious cycle that sucks her deeper and deeper into her problems

The underlying message of the video is about unspoken problems young people face. Intuitive thoughts, being misunderstood, money problems, etc. Feelings you'd rather keep to yourself. Does suppressing these feelings really help, or does it just make things worse?

Music by: 11STH33
C/o produced by: Southstar

A film by: May Studios
Directed by: Klaas Ytsma
Actress: Anne-Fleur Jonker

Special Thanks:
Camping Simmerwille
Oetsen van der Veen